Imported Pages (from Mac) now become PDF and I cannot copy text

I added a document in Pages (Mac Word Processor) and am copying and pasting sections from it into a Scrivener Text Document.

For no reason I can discern (after having copied and pasted several sections), Scrivener began viewing the Pages document as a PDF. When I click on the text, a PDF icon appears–and I cannot copy, paste, or even highlight text.

What happened? Scrivener still recognizes the file as a “Pages” document in terms of the icon next to the file name.

The view PDF display is greyed out, but this isn’t a PDF in the first place.

Please help! This is a significant setback to progress!!!



Apple has not published the Pages format, which is why it’s not possible for Scrivener to import it directly. Our recommended solution is to export from Pages to Word, and then import the result. (You do not need to have Word installed to do this.)

Do you still have access to the original Pages file? If so, what happens if you copy and paste the same text into TextEdit? This problem sounds like either that specific text is formatted in a way that renders it uneditable, or you have inadvertently captured an image, rather than the actual text.

And what you are seeing in the editor for your imported Pages doc is just a preview image that is generated by the MacOS when you saved the pages document, and which Scriv displays for you as a visual clue to what doc you have there. That is why you cannot select text at that point — that’s a picture you are looking at.

Because I have only used pages on my mac up to now will I have to convert everything to .pdf in order to import into the binder ?

If you export to Word format , you can import that and it will be converted to Scrviener text documents.