Imported pictures disappearing when placed inside a folder

-I created an “images” subfolder inside the “research” folder
-I used File, -->Import–>files to select picture A and then repeat for picture B

  • The images show up on the screen
  • I leave the images folder, go somewhere else. When I come back, I open the images folder, click on A, and the screen is blank.
  • I click on B, and that image shows up.
  • I click on A again and the image is back.

It’s not the picture itself - I’m using letters A and B for clarity, but no matter what picture I click on first it will not show until I leave, click on something else, and then come back.

This behavior is only present if the images are placed inside a folder. It’s not present if the images are removed from the folder and moved to the same level hierarchy as the research and trash folders.

Any thoughts?