Imported Script from Storyist / Final Draft

Hey guys, I imported a script (Screenwriting) in the Final Draft format. My script was placed into a Scene that says Script. I was wondering if there is anyway I can get scrivener to cut up my scenes into separate scene files so I can hit the ground running with my writing. My entire script is under one scene file.

Double points if I can retain the information of the scenes I put in the meta data of each scene from my previous script writing program.


You should be able to do both, but instead of using Import, which imports individual files and keeps them as such, use File > Import > Import and Split. That will automatically cut up an FDX file into scenes and maintain title and summary information for each scene.

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That did it! Another question… How can I add a scene within the folder without hitting the plus sign. Naturally as I’m writing a script, I’d expect a new scene would be created when adding a scene heading as I’m writing the script rather than stop writing, clicking the plus scene the commence writing again.

Also is there anyway to convert a script already imported that I didn’t split. I already started working on my script without splitting it.

If you want to split up something already imported, you can use the Document > Split features (e.g. just place the cursor at the start of the scene heading and hit Cmd-K).

You don’t have to create new scenes as new documents if you don’t want to, buy the way, it’s entirely up to you how you do things. If you want to create a new scene while writing without using the mouse, though, just hit Cmd-N, which invokes the New Document command, and you can carry on writing from there. If you want to navigate up and down between scenes, use Opt-Cmd-Up/Down.

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Of course of course. This all makes sense. Not all scene headings make a scene but that’s sort of the mindset with other screenwriting programs. The scrivener way is better. The info you gave me works out and thanks!