Imported text does not match Scrivener

I’m working on a current version of Mac. In trying to import text from earlier drafts of my novel, I find that I cannot make them match the Scrivener text, despite the fact that both show the same font, size, style. The imported text looks bold and, to my eye, a bit fuzzy, both on the screen and in printed version. How an I fix this without reentering all the copy? I have scanned the forums and while I find some frustrations with importing text, I don’t see this particular issue.

What format are you importing from?

As a general rule, the Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting command will reformat existing text to the default. If that’s not working, it’s hard to offer more specific suggestions without seeing the problem text.

I was just copying and pasting from a word document into the Scrivener text document. I’ll try the steps you recommend or send a screen shot of the result. Thanks.

You might also try using the File → Import command rather than copying and pasting.

Here’s what the imported text looks like:

vs text created in Scrivener with same formatting selections

This actually is the corrupted version, cut and pasted.

Set a default format in Preferences and apply it to documents with Documents▸Convert▸Convert to default formatting....

For paragraphs or text where you want to use a style, apply the style as needed.

I believe I did this–still no improvement. The imported (copy/paste) text still looks bold.

Surely one should be able to copy and paste from a Word document and rely on Scrivener to match it up. I’m really at a loss.

Would it be possible for our support team to actually look at the project? It’s hard to offer much useful advice based on screenshots alone.

You can open a support ticket here:

Yes, certainly. I don’t know what you mean by support ticket… Do I attach the Scrivener file somewhere? Sorry, I don’t find this process intuitive.

Google Scrivener support and use the contact us link.