Imported too many video files into my project: what to do now?

I have recorded hundreds of hours of video and audio interviews for my book project, and stupidly imported them all into my Scrivener project to have them handy while writing, not realizing until now that my project is over 100 GB, which is too big to back up easily. From now on, i will import video/audio files as “alias” files only but what to do with all the video files i’ve already imported? is there an easy way to turn them into alias only?

Not really. You can export them back out, delete them from the project (be sure to empty the project trash), and then import them back in as aliases. But you can’t batch convert them to aliases.

(The problem is: alias to what? The imported file may not exist anywhere except the project, so where should the alias point?)

ah ok. bummer. thanks for the info!

“stupid” is a hard word for a service to mankind - could have been me - but don’t reach for my crown - I am prepared! :wink: