Imported web page redirects on every open

Hi there,

Scrivener 3.1.5, Mac.

I imported a web page as research.

Unexpected behaviour

Whenever I click on this page in the project navigator:

  1. The web page displays in Scrivener.
  2. Scrivener resigns focus to my browser, which opens a (seemingly) unrelated site.

This is unexpected behaviour.

Further information / Theory

The main web page is … ontroversy.

The redirect url is

When I view the main web page in a browser, it doesn’t seem to redirect to or generate a pop-up for

However the main web page is choc full of advertising content, etc, so it stands to reason that it is responsible for invoking this url.


Option 1

Workaround: Use the browser to save the file as plain HTML. Then import this to Scrivener as existing file.

(1) Information loss - the page appears less fully-featured in Scrivener.
(2) Web page URL does not display at bottom of screen in Scrivener - makes it harder to cross-reference original.

Option 2

Workaround: It seems that in previous versions of Scrivener you could import a web page as PDF.

Unfortunately in 3.1.5 this option appears to have disappeared (at least, it isn’t available from the ‘Add -> Web page…’ dialogue.


Could anybody please suggest a solution that:

(1) Allows displaying the page in Scrivener with all JavaScript-generated graphics.
(2) Preserves the URL at the bottom of the screen.
(3) Prevents redirection / loss of focus.


Your hypothesis that advertising on the source page is responsible for the redirect is probably correct. Scrivener’s web viewer is not a full-fledged browser, and as such is unable to block the script that is probably responsible.

On a Mac, you can print anything you want to a PDF. On my system, clicking on the “PDF” menu in the lower left corner of the Print dialog gives a list of destinations, one of which is Scrivener.

Another option would be to add the page as a bookmark, rather than importing it.


Thanks Katherine!

The ‘Print → Save PDF to Scrivener’ option isn’t perfect, but a very handy trick!