Imported web pages or bookmarks causing ads to open in browser

I’m having a similar issue to Advertisement/script-heavy websites and Project Bookmarks, where when I open a project in Scrivener 3 for Windows (this one originally created in S3 for Mac), it starts opening ads from either the imported web pages, or those in my project bookmarks. I’m not sure which because it was still doing it even after I deleted them all and emptied the trash. Upon reopening, it appears to have stopped.

I was not attempting to view the webpages or the bookmarks, just working with text documents in the Binder.

Thank you for the reports. This certainly isn’t desirable, and I’ve flagged it as an issue for the developers. Hopefully the web kit we use on Windows will provide a means to suppress this unwanted activity.

In testing, I’m only able to reproduce the issue with live pages in the bookmarks, not imported MHT files. Hopefully then what you were seeing was all from the project bookmarks, but if you encounter an imported file that causes the problem, please let me know.

As for bookmarks, one thing that will help is to ensure that in File ▸ Options under Behaviors: Navigation, the setting to “Automatically load web pages in bookmarks preview” is deselected. This should prevent the issue of the external webpages loading items even when you haven’t viewed the page in Scrivener.

Okay, perfect. Thanks for the update and the workaround!