Importing a draft

I’m brand new to Scrivener and my memoir, currently in Word, is past the half-way mark. Does it make sense to load it into Scrivener or is it better to wait til my next work?

thanks for your quick thought!

I went ahead and imported the draft of a Project piece by piece. Now I’ll play in my Scrivener sandbox and see what happens.
Take good care!

you could import it into Scrivner. Keep a copy in word though, then if you’re not comfortable, you can always return to word. I was 90 percent finished my first novel so I didn’t do this myself, but the binder in Scrivner is so good it makes it great for checking back through chapters.
Also, it facilitates doing chapter synopsis, research and note taking. As you’re only half way through, I would suggest giving it a try. But, keep a copy in word, just in case.
But matybe, before you try, make sure to get advice on exactly how to do it properly. I’m no expert, just a fan of the Scrivner system and looking for advice myself. Good luck.

Roifee, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

I did import it, keeping a Word copy and I’m already, after a day, getting an idea of how useful Scrivener can be. Seeing the whole doc in the binder and moving the little pieces around.

Wishing you happy writing and a successful conclusion to your current Projects!