Importing a list of keywords?

As a followup to my last question, is there a way to import a list of keywords several at a time?


Wouldn’t that just be the same answer that you got here, only from the perspective of the target project, not the original? In other words, if you want to import a bunch of keywords from project A to project B, go to project A, assign them to a dummy document, and copy that document to the binder of project B. It’s exactly the same process.

Edit: I see from the other thread that you wanted to import a list of words from a file into Scrivener’s keywords pane, rather than importing one project’s keywords into another project. The later isn’t yet possible, the former is explained above. Sorry that isn’t as helpful as you might have wanted.

I should have deleted this thread since I asked the same question on the previous thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Can this thread be deleted? I have no wish to junk up the board with redundant threads.


Guy Hoyle