Importing a mind-map

I often find myself unable to work out a sequence of ideas using the Corkboard, and opening MindManager to quickly do a mind-map for that sequence.

If I create a full set of sequences in MindManager or Inspiration at the outset, is there a simple way to import them into Scrivener as Folders and Cards?

Or is there a way to learn Tinderbox in under 1000 hours of trial-and-error :wink: to make the Export process easier?

Thanks, Andrew

If you can export your mindmap in the form of an outline, then you might be able to use a version of this solution (from a different forum thread):

Essentially, each header line in the outline needs a nummber of ‘#’ characters equal to its depth in the outline structure. (I think you need a blank line between every line also.)

Importing the result as a Multimarkdown file will result in an addition to the binder in your Scriv project that replicates in binder-structure, the outline structure of your mindmap.


This is perfect. Thanks, Andrew