Importing a project didn't bring everything across

Scrivener still occasionally shuts down (requiring a ~ 25 minute reindexing? on restart), even sometimes when I’m not using the PC.
(On a new PC with plenty of space and speed, and with the usual, “Windows remains stable as do any other open apps”.)

But more disappointedly, my troublesome yet principle project when open ‘always’ shuts Scriv if I open a second project.

Conversely, S does seem stable opening – without the troublesome project – multiple, recently initiated, mostly skinny for-this test projects. (Since these are test projects I’ve not spent a lot of time with them.)

S with the new projects running will nevertheless quickly shut if I open the troublesome project.

One of the test projects was initiated to import the troublesome project, which import mostly worked, and the new project, ‘Works’, does remain stable, being one of the multiple, recent, test projects noted above.
The imported 321 MB project does start about 50% quicker, about 90 seconds?

However, I cannot use the ‘new’, import-loaded, Works project for real.
I say ‘mostly worked’ because the importation did not bring across my 37 Collections (and 5 saved searches) and their thousands of links.
The import also brought across 28 fewer MB of 349, 76 fewer files; it did bring across all 12 folders.
(Per Windows Explorer’s Properties)

While ‘76 fewer files’ is a bit disconcerting, as is the ‘28 fewer MB’, I’m hop’n that at least some of these are related to the problems the troublesome project has.

At the moment though, can I get the Collections across, imported? (For which I expect to reimport the project.)

Now using a Win10 pro i7/7700 64b 32GB PC,
Scrivener for Windows, 1.9.7. (Reinstalled twice.)

I take it then that importing a project does not include its Collections? (Perhaps not if there are ‘37’ of them and/or some thousands of links?)

Was the loss of 76 files and 28 MBs to be expected?
Or were the lost files and MBs related to the lost Collections? (Perhaps their loss was caused by the nature of my Collections (?) or they were dysfunctional enough not to be importable?)

Alternatively of course, the lost files and MBs could have been related more directly to the crashes * I’ve experienced since before I [mentioned] them about 15 months ago. (Which at the moment is possible given the current stability of the new, imported-project, project.)

Regardless, I keyword-tagged the documents linked to a few of the Collections, then imported the troublesome project to a new, empty, project. Because the keywords were imported, as expected/hoped, I can rebuild their related lost Collections.

But will my final 37 Collections and some thousands of links destabilize the new project?
Would it be better to hold off on the import until Win/Scrivener 3.0 is available?

  • Encountered mostly:
    during ‘Move to’ and similar large window menu navigation;
    when I open a second project while my apparently troublesome, yet principle project is open (or conversely).

Ever since my first Scrivener (Windows), 1.9.5., from 2016/05/09, I’ve endured the crashes that I’ve variously reported:
Spontaneous, multiple projects, document moves, Even after multiple uninstalls/installs.

:smiley: Version 1.9.8 seems to have ‘fixed’ all varieties of my shutdowns, ie, crashes. (As noted before though, they were sporadic, not numerous; 2-week gun shy yet, we’ll see.)

1.9.8 also changed other aspects of my Scriv experience:

  • ‘Corrections’ settings changes apply almost instantaneously now. (They had taken a noticeable 2-4 seconds.)
  • S. starts 50% quicker. (Which will greatly shorten the 20+ min crash-recovery restart – were that ever needed again! :wink: )
  • S. takes up 90% less memory: Instead of 1+ GB !, now 100+ MB. (Which too will greatly shorten crash-recovery restart.)
  • Given Scrivener’s apparent stability, I may start using the scratchpad again. (Crashes lost my open-scratchpad work.)
    However, given that I can now have multiple projects open, with their formatting, timed saves, click-and-drag document transfers to their permanent projects … it may be overall simpler/quicker to have a Scratch project.

Did it all really boil down to some mysterious font and to menu-based document move difficulties?