Importing a Scrivener project...into another Scrivener project?

Good morning, all, and before I go any further let me wish you all a merry Christmas/holiday/Festivus/Hogswatch/whatever you call it. May it be a happy one.

I’ve finally got some downtime to work with “my baby”, and I was checking out the “import” function yesterday and spotted the option to “import a Scrivener project” in the drop-down menu. And I wondered: Is this a thing?

I ask because I need to overhaul and organize the “concordance”, if you will, for my three-novel project. This is made up of dates, times, imported real-world info like news articles, and so forth…research stuff. It’s messy and would probably serve better as its own Scrivener project that I could refer to. I’d been assuming I could do so by just having two projects open, but is it possible to import it into the novel projects? That would make it easier on both myself and my computer, neither of us is very young.


Yes, it’s a thing.

Note, however, that the imported files become part of the destination project, with no connection to the original source. So if you import the concordance into Project A, then make changes, it’s up to you to make sure the changes are reflected in Project B.


Understood (I’d suspected that was the case, but that’s fine). Thank you, Merry Christmas!