Importing a webpage, the text item's title is "Web page"

I’m importing a bunch of my research material from (the also awesome) Evernote. When I add a web page to my Research folder, the page is imported correctly with good formatting and with the URL correct in the page footer. However, the item’s title is simply “Web page”.

Is there a way for that item title to be the web page’s title so that I don’t have to go hand-edit all my imported page names?

this seems to be a common item, but I didn’t find it in FAQ or in searches on the form (though ‘web’ and ‘page’ are both ignored as too-common.

This is something that is addressed in the next update (though there’s no fixed date for the next release as yet). I only recently found the solution (in code) to grabbing the web page title in this situation…
All the best,

Excellent, Keith. Thanks!