Importing a WIP novel into Scrivener? (OpenOffice)

I have a 100k words WIP novel formatted with ‘Heading 1’ for chapter names, ‘Heading 2’ for scene names and a mixture of ‘Preformatted Text’, ‘Default’ and ‘Text body’ for the normal text.
I use OpenOffice.

Is there any way to automatically import this into Scrivener, or do I have to sort it out manually? :confused:

Nevermind, I transferred it manually.

I’m not sure what you meant by “manually”, but the way to do this in future would be to save your document(s) as .rtf from OpenOffice and then just use the File > Import feature in Scrivener to bring that into your project. Unfortunately we’re not able to import .odt files directly at the moment, but .rtf should preserve all or most of your formatting and such. Once in Scrivener you can use the Documents > Split command to break up the work into different sections, e.g. one document per chapter or per scene or such, if you want.