Importing a word doc into a new folder


I am trying to import a word doc into a folder in my project. I click import, select the document, the little gear is spinning like it is working but then nothing. No words in the folder. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Perhaps the Word document is corrupted or has something “unexpected” in it? Suggest you try these, re-trying after each

With Microsoft Word:
: open and re-save the Word file
; if a doc file, resave as a docx format.
: re-save as a rtf file


None of these methods worked. I guess I’ll just have to re-type the chapter into scrivener again.

Copy and paste should work even if importing has failed…

Hope this helps!

As Silverdragon wrote, copy/paste works. In fact it works so well I don’t use import. I just copy/paste my word doc into a Scrivener text file and use the document split feature in Scrivener if it needs to be divided up.


Do any new documents appear in the Binder?

The words in an imported document won’t necessarily appear in the specific document that you’re looking at when you issue the import command.


Just drag and drop the Word doc where you want it in the Binder. No Import command needed, and it goes right where you want it.