Importing a Word doc

How do I import my existing Word draft into scrivener from Dropbox?


First, you need to create a project into which you can import the file. So, create a Scrivener project. You probably want your draft in the Draft folder, so drill down into the Draft folder in the project’s binder. Then, tap the “import” button beneath the binder source list (the icon of a square with an arrow pointing down into it). You’ll then be able to choose to import from Dropbox, and can import your Word document. After that, you could split your Draft up if you want, by tapping into the document and choosing “Split” from the black popup menu that appears when you tap on text.

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I have two .doc files I want to import from Dropbox but they are “greyed out” and Scrivener won’t let me import them. They appear like the photo attached, regardless of the location in my binder. Any idea why Scrivener doesn’t want to import them?

If you haven’t yet, check to see if the files aren’t available because of DB’s “selective sync”. Besides directly enabling them, files/folders whose names replicate previously selected names are also unavailable for syncing/downloading.

The reason they are greyed out is that they are .doc files (the pre-Word 2007 format). Scrivener can only open .docx files. You’ll therefore need to re-save them from Word in the modern format in order to open them in Scrivener.

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Or, alternatively, unless you have something fancy going on, you can get your Word content into a fresh Scrivener document in your project just using Copy and Paste.


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