Importing Active Web Pages on Windows

I read the “before posting” thread and understand that the Windows version just doesn’t have as many features . . . but I would really like an improvement on how Windows imports web pages.

Looking for a way to create a schedule, I came across this tutorial on how to display a Google calendar in Scrivener. I was so excited, because it was exactly what i was looking for, until I found it only works on Mac. :frowning:

This isn’t technically supposed to be possible on a Mac either. What you’re seeing is actually more along the lines of a privacy/security flaw in the Mac archival format than a feature.

Previous discussion.

You can display most web sites dynamically in ScrivW by importing a local html that contains a meta refresh to the desired site. For a demo, try saving the following to a file with HTML extension, then importing into Scrivener via File > Import > Files. Disregard the warning message about text files to RTF; it doesn’t apply to named htmls.


Rgds – Jerome