Importing an MS Word document into Scrivener


I need to work on a chapter of my thesis (which I’ve been working on so far with MS Word 2007) and I’d like to use Scrivener this time. It’s a Word .docx file about 50 pages long, Times New Roman, 12 font size, the quotes are 10 size. The document consists of only text (including quotations), and footnotes. There’s also a bibliography section at the end.

Could you advise me on how to import it? For example, would it be all right to import it as .docx file, or should I change it to .rtf? Any other suggestions appreciated. Should I expect any formatting, or other, problems?


I don’t think it makes much difference. My advice is to try it with your docx, the check some of the formatting you know should still be there, and also check for your footnotes being present and correctly placed. If it doesn’t work one way, just delete what was imported from your draft folder (and empty the trash in the binder), and try it with the .rtf version.

Also, if you start each chapter or scene with the same string of characters (like CHAPTER or ####), you should take advantage of the Import and Split menu option, for convenience’s sake.


I don’t have the same strings of characters that you’re talking about in my doc. Actually, rearranging the constituent parts is one part of the editing that I will have to do and that’s one of the reasons I want to do it in Scrivener as I think it will be easier there than in Word. But I’m gonna import it as a whole and then work on it in Scrivener and rearrange the parts.

Hi mj2013 - I’m probably going to have to go through the same exercise soon… Taking a chance you are monitoring|subscribed to this thread - if so, would be great if you could pop up how it went/ what you did in the end (i.e. RTF or DOCX).

Many thanks!

Importing .docx into Scrivener works, and brings across formatting, including tables. Copy-and-paste also works.

Thanks - good to know!

Necro-ing an old thread, but does one have to have Word installed to import a docx file?

I have no Microsoft products installed, except for Skype.
I import doc and docx files all the time, into Pages as well as Scrivener.
(NB: I work on a Mac and a Chromebook; the latter now opens all Office files.)

Hrm. Which version of Scrivener are you using on the Chromebook? (Didn’t think it would run the Linux one…)

And, yeah, I do seem to recall Scrivener importing ODT files once upon a time…