Importing an outline to populate index card synopses

OK, I managed to do what I wanted, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Pasted a document into Excel, getting one row per desired card (each para was what I wanted the card synopsis to be).
  2. Exported an OPML file from Scriv.
  3. Reverse engineered that into an XML schema by pasting the OPML file text into an online converter.
  4. Imported the resulting schema into Excel and mapped the two attributes that Scriv uses to one column for the card title (I just did a number sequence) and the other column for the synopsis.
  5. Exported the file from Excel as a .xml, then renamed the extension as .opml
  6. Imported that file into Scriv. Got what I wanted with some very minor fiddling around needed (deletions of some stuff that said “Untitled”).

However, did I miss something obvious that would do this without the messing around in Excel etc?

Thanks in advance – and a big face-palm coming if this is a built-in feature.