Importing an outline

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to import a single document and have Scrivener split it into separate documents? I’ve done very little on the importing side, so sorry if this is an obvious question.

My reason for asking is that I often work on a story at work (at lunchtime of course!) but don’t have access to Scrivener there. Yesterday I used Word to brainstorm an outline - chapter / action, chapter / action, etc. So last night, I sat down and painstakingly typed each entry from that document into a Scrivener synopsis.

Was there a better way?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do the same as you… I brainstorm or write during the lunchbreak at work.

To avoid moving between systems, I just take my PowerBook with the Scrivener on it with me.

If you look under the Edit menu you will see that Apple Key+K will split your document up into smaller pieces.

If you select a piece of text then using Apple Key+Alt+K will make your selection the title of the document.

After you have chopped everything up you can then drag them into place in the browser. If certain documents are supposed to be folders, well Edit, Convert to File will take care of that too.

(Just keep in mind that if you convert a document to a file you will loose sight of the text in that file - it comes back if you convert the folder back in to a document)

Yes I’ve considered doing the same, but can’t bear the inevitable “oooh, what are you doing?” questions as colleagues see my lovely MacBook coming out! lol I guess they’d get used to it after a few days. :slight_smile:

Excellent - thanks Pipi, I will try that next time…

I had those inevitable comments for a few days… :slight_smile: but then folks just got used to me pulling out my trusty old PowerBook, putting on that enigmatic smile of a Person En Route To His Novel Realm, and sailing off.

At home, I just blue-tooth my novel to my iMac.

Pipi gives a more practical advice, though :smiley: I think you can split segments with selection as title, which saves tons of time.

Or if you have a 2-button mouse, you can select your section heading, and a right click brings up the context menu with the option to “Split document with selection as heading.” It took me less than 20 minutes to split a manuscript of about 250 pages into 9 grouped chapters and about 50 sections, tweaking and changing bits as I went along. Very nice…