Importing and splitting into chapters


I just imported a project I have in Word into Scrivener. Now I want to split the individual chapters into chapter folders, and the scenes into scenes. I have googled and watched tutorials and all I can find is instructions to use CMD K to make the split. However, when I do that it doesn’t create chapters but rather text documents underneath the chapter folder that is already in the template. So frustrating!! Can anyone help - there must be a way to do this.


To create folders, use the button at the bottom of the binder that looks like a folder and a plus sign. Drag the scenes that belong to that chapter folder in, then continue splitting things up into scene files until you need a new chapter folder. Repeat as necessary until you’re done.

Note that while this may be a bit tedious, your next project will likely start in Scrivener, so you’ll be creating chapter folders and scene documents as you go. Starting with an existing work and importing it makes for more busy-work, but at least it’s not as tedious as transcribing your words from paper. :confused:

True! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I’ll give that a whirl.