Importing bug and a question


Bug: I’m using Scrivener version 1. When importing a docx file from Word 2010 (originally written in Scrivener), the entire document is in bold. The same document saved as rtf from Word and then imported into Scrivener has the proper elements in bold.

Question: Is there a way to get Scrivener to respect page breaks in the imported document? I would like to be able to have each page break generate a separate text document. For example if I have thirty-six page breaks in word, I’d want that to be thirty-six individual documents in Scrivener. Preferably all in a folder. I can do this by hand, but would love to have the computer doing as much grunt work as possible. That being what they’re for and all that.


  1. Since RTF works OK, I would stick to it. S/Win seems to have issues w/ native (Open)Office formats.

  2. S/Win doesn’t have any idea about “pages”. I would type a title above every section you like to import as a separate file and then use the Split-with-Selection-as-Title function … takes less than 3 minutes for 30 pages.

Thanks Serenus. I’m already doing that as my pages have titles. I was hoping for a more elegant and automatic method. Emphasis on the automatic.