Importing - Chapter By Chapter or Entirety

I have about 18 chapters of a novel that I have written in MS Word. When I import into Scrivener, should I import each chapter separately, or should I import the entire “manuscript” and divide up the chapters after importing? If the latter, what’s the best way to divide up the manuscript into chapters?

Definitely split it up in Scrivener, it has a one-key tool for doing this. Just import the entire manuscript into the Draft, then search for your first chapter title. If it has a name you wish to use in the Binder, select that name with the mouse, and press Cmd-Opt-K. This splits the current document into two pieces, using the selection as the title for the second piece. Cmd-K all but itself splits but asks you for a document name after split. Using this method, you can probably quickly split everything up into chapters, and you may find it so easy to do, you end up cutting things up even further. This will make searches more relevant (they find only the scene, not the entire chapter), and the outline more flexible.

Thanks, but I tried this, and now there are no “corkboard” note cards in corkboard view.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, can you elaborate a little further?

You have:1. Imported the manuscript into the Draft folder

  1. Scrolled through the text and used Cmd-K to split the document into eighteen separate documents
  2. You should now have eighteen documents beneath the Draft in the Binder

And the final result is that you have no cards in the Corkboard when you select Draft in the Binder? The only way this could happen is if you selected all eighteen of the documents and deleted them. If they are showing up in the Binder, then they should be showing up on the Corkboard. The Corkboard is just another way of viewing the Binder one level at a time (this is a critical point; there is nothing special about the Corkboard view. It is just showing documents in a different fashion that an outline, and the cards are really documents).

Perhaps you have one of the eighteen chapters selected? Naturally, since it has no child documents, there will be nothing in the Corkboard.