Importing chapters (Windows version)

I’m a brand new user and finding myself needing only the most minimum of Scrivener, namely to upload all my chapters of three volumes, work on them, and compile.

I’ve read up through “Importing” in the tutorial.

When I went to import the first volume of my memoir, the chapters came in okay, BUT OUT OF ORDER.
Instead of going from 00 to 22 (they are numbered), the last half showed up on top, and the first half
showed up at the bottom, and it won’t let me drag them into order either. When I tried, two of the
chapters disappeared altogether!!! I am sooooo frustrated and unhappy as I thought this was going to be a wonderful tool for me. :frowning:

Is there no one who can help bevjack1?

It really seems like there must be a way to put chapters into their proper order. And to prevent their disappearance!

In regards to the disappearing chapters, did they end up as subfolders of other chapters?

I haven’t encountered the numbering issue before and will leave that to more knowledgeable people to answer.

There are a few ways to import a file or files, so I think the lack of help has to do with people being perplexed by this problem and moving on. Please provide a step-by-step explanation of what you did to get your work into Scrivener. If possible, start over with a fresh project so that each step can be chronicled as you go.

It’ll also be very helpful if you explain what form your chapters took before they entered Scrivener (it sounds like they were individual files, but I can’t be 100% sure of that from your description).

Since you have items disappearing from your Binder, I’ll ask the question I usually ask when that happens. Where are your projects stored? On your hard drive? On a cloud service, like Dropbox or SugarSync?