Importing characaters

Is there a way to import characters?

I’m coming from SuperNoteCard and have all of my characters and locations with descriptions in a single file. I uploaded the file into Scrivener, but would like to know if there’s an easy way to break up my long file and create individual files for each character and location. I have more than 100, so it’s not just a matter of cutting and pasting for a few minutes.

Import the file, open it in Scrivener, start at the top, go down to what would be the second card in SNC, place the cursor there and press Cmd-K and that will split the file at that point. If the first line is a kind of title and you want that to be the title of the doc in Scrivener, highlight it and press Shift-Cmd-K. Open the new document, find the start of the next card do the same; open the new document …

Go on down through your file doing the same thing at each “card-point”. I know it will be tedious with about 100 – I don’t think there’s an automatic way – but that’s better than copying and pasting!



That’s even better than automated.

Since the SNC files have more than one paragraph, it’s more accurate to do it manually.

My thanks, Mark!