Importing commented documents

Hi - This is probably well covered but I didn’t turn anything up when searching - so apologies if I’ve missed a previous thread.
I have received a commented / edited manuscript in .doc format. I can view comments and changes in NeoOffice. When I import the .doc into Scrivener the comments are at the bottom of the document and the changes (strike through text) are gone.
Incidentally I have tried exporting the document from NeoOffice as RTF and it is repeatedly corrupted by the process.
Are there any tips on viewing such documents in Scrivener?

Many thanks.

Comments are only imported as Scrivener annotations if the file is in RTF format (the .doc format is proprietary and therefore not public, so it is very difficult to support all of its features). If you can open the .doc file in MS Word and export as RTF, that should work - I’m not sure why NeoOffice isn’t exporting it properly. If you don’t have Word yourself, you will have to ask someone else to convert it for you, unfortunately.

I’m not sure about the strikethrough problem - this should work fine for both .doc and .rtf import (I just tested it…), unless NeoOffice is at fault again.


Thanks for the reply

I’ve put the text through a win copy of word and now when I import the new rtf file into Scrivener the comments show up in red :slight_smile: and the strike through text shows up without the strike through - ie looking the same as all the other text.

Incidentally ffr I tried putting it through latest open office for mac and got the same corruption as with Neo Office.

also ffr when opening the rtf file from MS word (of which scrivener does see comments) in NeoWord - the changes are still visible but the comments have disappeared…