Importing comments only from word/rtx

Hi - I’ve just finished writing my draft PhD Proposal and have sent it off to my supervisor as a word doc (this could easily become an rtx in the future), I’ve received this back and its full of comments. Ideally I want to import these comments back into my scrivener document.

I know you can do this if you use the sync folder function, but that forces you to split the document into lots of rtx rather than just one, which is easier to send.

And I don’t just want to import the received word doc as the original scrivener doc has all of my Papers markdown links in it, unlike the word doc which is formatted.

Is there anyway to just import the comments?


Are you asking how to export comments from Microsoft Word into a file? I’m actually not much of a Word expert—maybe someone else can pipe in if they know a trick or two. Word aside, you could do this in Scrivener. Just drop the Word file into the Binder somewhere temporary, select it, and use File/Export/Comments and Annotations.... That’ll make an RTF file with all of the comments in it. I’m not sure how useful that will be to you though—as the comment text all by itself may be lacking in enough context to make sense of. It might be easier to just stash that Word file in your Binder and use it as a second-split reference. If you import with the comments imported as sidebar notes, you can easily work down the list of them, collapsing them as you address them.

Hi - what I really wanted to achieve was the same as occurs when you use the sync function. However using a single rtx document rather than lots of them. But thanks. I think at the moment I will just import it into the research section and refer to it, as per your suggestion.

This would be nice, but there unfortunately is no easily accessible technology for causing a single file to be something that could then be imported back into a project and synchronise data from the various portions of the draft that were used to construct it. There are of course basic ways of doing this, like making special separators that indicate document ID and such, but then you have to hope nobody deletes, moves or messes with them. It’s just too risky.