Importing compile presets

Hi everyone,
I’m using Scrivener 3.11.
I’m trying to set up my workflow based on this post:
I set pandoc and pandocomatic with directory containing my bib and scl files.
I’m going to use only few templates (docx, pdf, html) from pandocomatic.yaml configuration file but I was very interested to import a compile preset inserted in that post without having to define single styles for markdown.
The problem is that after downloading this file scrivomatic.scrformat, I import it in compile screen and the message is:
There was a problem importing one or more selected formats - data could not be read or moved into place.
and nothing happens.
I have also a second question. In the same post is described another script I have to insert in post-processing command line. I’m afraid I didn’t undestand very well what is its scope

It’s difficult to say what is happening there, as I just tried downloading the format and it worked fine for me. Here’s what I did:

  1. Ctrl-clicked on the link and selected to download the file.

  2. The file downloaded as “Scrivomatic.scrformat.txt”, so I removed the .“txt” extension to rename it “Scrivomatic.scrformat”.

  3. I then imported the format into Compile and it worked fine.

If you clicked on the format to load it in Safari and then chose “Save As…” from Safari’s File menu, it may have downloaded as a web archive file rather than an XML file in which case Scrivener would not be able to read it, so it’s possible that is the problem.

As for the script, I’m not sure what problem you are having there, but iandol, who created that page, is a regular here, so with a little luck he may drop by.

All the best,

Ok! Probably it didn’t work because there was another project format with the same name.
Thank you!