Importing Directories

I have 243 RTF files in 97 different directories all in one root directory that I would like to import and maintain the directory structure with the files in their relative location.

In section 13 the tutorial states “…select the files you wish to import, and click the “Import” button. All files and folders that are supported by Scrivener will be imported, including subdirectories, maintaining the file structure from the Finder in the binder.” However, I cannot seem to figure out how to import anything other specific files in the root directory. There does not seem to be a way to simply select a directory and tell it to import everything in the directory. Is this functionality only available in the MAC version?

If it can be done in Windows I must be missing something. When I select the root directory where all of this is stored it just opens into the root directory and is obviously waiting for me to select actual files. From there, when I select the files and directories in that root directory, just the files are imported nothing else. The other directories and sub-directories are not recursed for the remaining 97 directories and 240 files.

Thanks for a wonderful looking program and thanks in advance for any help.


Anyone know how to import an entire directory and all it’s files, sub-directories and their files in one fell swoop?



Hi Richard,

Sorry, I was just double-checking on this. It’s not possible yet in the Windows version to import a directory, I’m afraid. You can however import multiple files at once, so once you’ve opened the folder you should be able to select all the documents inside it and import them in one go. You’ll have to do that for each subdirectory. Or you could open the folder and all its subdirectories in Explorer and select everything there and drag it to the binder, which might be a bit faster.

Thank you for looking. At least now I know I am not missing something in the process. :wink: