Importing discovery - "at least for me"

I just wanted to share something. I tried searching the forum but didn’t have any luck - despite the fact that somewhere in the forum what I am going to point out may very well already exist.

I tried for an hour to import a .doc file into Scrivener. Couldn’t get it done. However the same file would import if it was saved in an .rtf format.

I just now discovered that the reason Scrivener could not “Convert” the .doc file upon attempted import was because the .doc file was password protected for security purposes.

Somehow the password was discarded upon saving from .doc to .rtf. That is why the .rtf file would import and the .doc file would not.

In the event that anyone is having trouble importing a .doc file then check to make certain that you have removed ‘password protection’ in the WORD document.

Kind Regards,


That’s a good tip, thanks for sharing!