Importing .doc files into 2.02 (with photos)

Hi Keith,

I’m in the middle of an immensely high pressure, got to get it done situation, so haven’t got time to do much testing, but I’ve been having problems importing .doc files with photos created in Word 2010. The files are coming in entirely as binary code, which is causing real problems.

Having tried to export some of the plain text files for the same set of reports, I must have had one of these binary files still selected as Scrivener hung for so long on the export that I had to force quit. When I re-opened Scrivener, it had to rebuild the indexes, which was slow but fine, but then it hung on the first of those binaries and again I had to force quit.

Since I’ve got to complete this project by Wednesday evening — 14 report files and 14 parallel files containing photos for me to edit the captions — and I’m less than half-way through, I went into the package contents and quickly went through all the internal rtf files, deleting the ones in binary. Fortunately, the project index rebuilt and I’m able to work on.

So I’m sending you one of the .doc files that caused the problem, to see if it happens when you try to import it. I’ll attach it to a PM if I can or email it, as I don’t want it out in the wild. But I’m posting this here in case anyone else experiences the same.

I have found a work-around in order to get the contents into Scrivener — open the recalcitrant files in Pages and export them as RTFD … they then come in fine, though it’s an extra bit of labour.

Incidentally, these are .doc files that were saved out from Word 2010 for PC (Chinese). Interestingly, .docx files from the same colleague using the same PC and the same Word 2010 import, but without the photos.

This is Scrivener 2.02 on a late 2010 13" MacBook Air with 2GB RAM, running Lion 10.7.2. Mail with SpamSieve and OmniWeb also running plus Growl 1.3, Sophos Anti-virus, and half-a-dozen small autoload thingies.



PS Scrivener gets better all the time, though I only use a fraction of its capabilities.

Hi Mark,

First, Scrivener’s .doc import will not bring in images, because Scrivener just uses OS X’s default .doc and .docx importers, which strip images (as in TextEdit). To bring in Word documents that contain images, you should Save As from Word and save using the RTF format - Scrivener will bring in images in RTF files fine.

Second, make sure the .doc file you were trying to import actually has the .doc extension - if it doesn’t, Scrivener will try to import it as a plain text file, in which case you will see all of its internal binary code (including the massive binary data for any images, which could be long).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

P.S. Also note that the current version is 2.2, not 2.0.2.

OK. I’ve sent you an email with one of the files. The thing is .docx imports fine without the images — I then have to import the images separately, boring but possible — .doc doesn’t. I don’t have Word … if it wasn’t for M’soft having taken over Skype I’d be a Microsoft-free zone! As I say, using Pages and exporting as RTFD is working equally well.

I have extensions turned on permanently for all the files on my system, and always have had … saves all kinds of hassles. So yes, the files in question have the .doc extension. But in spite of that, these ones are being imported as plain text and .docx are not.

So I don’t know whether to keep my fingers crossed that you’ll find the same, or that you won’t and it’s some individual glitch here. But with Pages/RTFD I don’t need to be concerned for the moment.

Ooops … yes … my turn to say I must be over-tired (I’ve done 12 hours editing today!) It is indeed 2.2 … it’s NWP that’s 2.0.2