Importing .doc not an option

Hi guys and girls!
I’ve just downloaded Scrivener Beta for Linux (Mine is Ubuntu 10.4), been through the tutorials and attempted to import a WIP which is stored as a number of .doc files created using Open Office 3.2 and LibreOffice 3.6.3.
In Scrivener I go to File -> Import -> Files… and in the dialogue box I navigate to my WIP location and the Files of Type drop-down defaults to “All Supported: (*.fdx *htm *html *.mmd *.rtf *txt)”
No sign of *.doc or *odt, even below in the drop-down list (the latter is not really a surprise, the former is).
Obviously as a result I can’t see my *.doc files so there appears to be no way to even start importing .doc files. This is in direct contrast to the tutorial’s chapter on Importing which specifies .doc files as supported. Is this true for the Linux version?

Worst case work-araound would be to save the .doc as .rtf but I’d rather avoid that, obviously.

Does anyone have any ideas?



I decided to try import *.doc … on Scrivener on Ubuntu 12.04
but on clicking File > Import > Files … the Scrivener instance crashes / disappears from sight
next I tried Scrivener in sudo scrivener mode …
and I get this error message in terminal …

so presently I’m none the wiser.