Importing documents with images

Hello all.

I am very new to Scrivener and can’t believe I got along without it.
So far I have only one thing I can’t figure out though. I have several RTF documents with pictures which were created using word 2010. When I try to import them into Scrivener, none of the images transfer. All I get is the text and do not even get place holders for the images, even if I import the images into Scrivener. The documents are not heavily formatted, and I have tried every way till sunday to do this, but nothing I have done seems to work. If it helps, I am using Windows 7. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

My goal is to compile these as an ebook, and as a PDF. There are over 200 images spread across 20 documents so reinserting them is not something I look forward to doing if I don’t need to.

Sorry for the delayed response on this. What format are the images in your documents? Most of the time if you’re working with an RTF file, the images will be included in the import, but Word can do various clip-art and “shapes” and that sort of thing that aren’t transferable. Usually I believe Word lets you save these images into a different format, so you could then import them to Scrivener individually or, if you can save them as e.g. JPGs in the RTF, re-import the entire document with images included.

Also check that the images aren’t wrapped in the Word document. Switching them to be just in line with the text but without wrapping may also fix the problem if the images are in standard image formats. Scrivener doesn’t handle wrapping, so when working with the images there you’ll probably just want them on their own line for simplicity. After you’ve finished your writing and compiled, you can spruce up the layout in Word and do any wrapping or other image effects.

Thank you for your help MM. All the images are in JPG format. They are placed in the documents in various ways. Some are in tables while others are on their own pages.
I will work to figure out what I am doing wrong now that I know it’s possible.
Thanks again.