Importing documents with zotero or endnote codes

I’ve just begun using Scrivener, and it looks like a great application for my purpose (writing an academic book). However, many of my files have either zotero or Endnote codes embedded within them, and the citations codes now come out as text, as such:
ADDIN EN.CITE Rubin19958748748746Rubin, David CMemory in Oral Traditions: The Cognitive Psychology of Epic, Ballads, and Counting Out Rhymes1995New YorkOxford UP(Rubin 1995)

When I export back into Word, the mark-up remains.

Any ideas, apart from taking everything out manually?


I think you just need to choose Endnote’s Unformat Citation(s) option (which Endnote puts on Word’s Tools menu), before you import the document to Scrivener.

This should replace the formatted citations with Endnote’s “temporary citations”–which are just plain text items. (At least, I assume this function works in the same way for documents constructed with Cite-While-You-Write activated.)

While you are in Scrivener do all your work with Endnote temporary citations. Then, when you Export your draft to Word, you can run Endnote’s Format function to get the citations converted to the final style you want.

[This is actually very much the way Endnote was originally meant to be used–before the instant gratification of Cite-While-You-Write came along. I always thought Cite-While-You-Write was a bad idea precisely because it put a lot of encoded stuff into one’s text–vindicated!–and I could never figure out why anyone would actually want to see the citations spelled out in final format while writing.]

Hope this helps.


P.S. Some remarks in this forum have led me to believe that the upcoming update of Scrivener–available now as a beta–may include some improvements in the workflow for people who use Endnote, but I am not running the beta, so can’t attest to what improvements these might be.

Thanks, Greg, that worked like a charm. No more cite-while-you-write for me!