Importing Docx files- it all turns into greek!!!

I recently have run across a problem where, when importing “Docx” files into Scrivener, the documents’ text all becomes Greek. Below is a screen shot.

However, I can prevent this from happening by doing two things:

  1. Saving the document from a “.docx” file to a “.doc” file or “.rtf” file prior to importation; or else
  2. Changing the font of the original file from “Cambria” (my normal font) to “Times New Roman”

Then the import looks like this:

Because I need to import so many files, however, it would make no sense to go through and re-save or re-format all my original documents. Any help on this before I give up on ever actually purchasing Scrivener after my subscription runs?

That’s very strange - could you please send me a .docx file that does this when imported, to AT literatureandlatte DOT com?


Weird … but the “Greek” is of course the English text rendered in a Greek font. Bizarre!

But I would think that, while Keith works out what’s going on, all you would need to do, having imported the files is do a and it would then render it in a norml English font of your choice.


Unfortunately, I can’t convert the text after it’s been imported to English. (or at least I haven’t figured out how to). The only way I figured out how to solve this problem is manipulating the document prior to importing it into Scrivener. It’s completely bizarre. I’ve sent my file to @ literatureandlatte . com for your assistance.

Make sure you have the default paragraph set up in the “Formatting” pane of the Scrivener preferences to the Roman font you wish to use, let’s for arguments sake say Times New Roman, together with any other settings like spacing, indents etc. that you wish.

Load these “Greek” documents into the editor, either singly or in a Scrivenings set, then go to the “Documents” menu, choose the “Convert” option at the bottom, and one of the conversions you are offered is “Text to Default Formatting” — select that. The Greek font should be replaced by your default Times New Roman, and it should all be normal.

Why this font change is happening when you import from DOCX, I leave Keith to try to determine, but let me say, although I don’t know Greek, I know enough of the Greek alphabet to be able to read the example you posted with very little difficulty. It is clear that the text is not changed, merely that it is being rendered in Scrivener in a Greek font installed on your computer.


I have seen the same phenomenon importing doc files - however they did not turn into greek letters but Cyrillic script.

It’s caused by the Symbol font being used as the default font. Please try the version of Scrivener I linked to in my response to your other thread, as that should fix this, too.