Importing docx problems...


So I am new to Scrivener and Mac!

My last laptop, an Asus, bit the dust (32 bit xp w/ Office 2010 if you must know). I was lucky to get all my writing files on a flash drive before it died.

This was a week ago and I haven’t written in my current novel since. It’s killing me! So after going through the tutorial and reading Scrivener can import doc/docs I bought the software and tried to import a short story I had to stop working on. I transferred the docx from my flash drive into a folder I made called “writings” in the document stack of Mac.

Then I tried importing it from there

The “importing file” bar appeared and it looked like it imported. But when I clicked “open file” on Scrivener and tried to open said file, it was grayed out and wouldn’t let me select it!

Does it import somewhere else? Somewhere else I can’t find? Or is this a bug? Am I doing this right? As I said, I’m new to Mac.

PS: I pulled all my writing files from the flash drive over into “writings” a couple minutes later and Scrivener gave me the “import” bar as if it was importing all 160 documents. When I “open file” and go into “writings” once again, docx is all grayed and the wps files are very darkly grayed out. Are wps even transferable? If they aren’t, is there some kind of work around? I have three novels on wps!

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: Can’t wait to start writing again :slight_smile:

pps: I have Lion :wink:


I think where I might have gone wrong is I pulled over all my window folders from my flash drive into the Documents thing. I selected the main folder that housed all my documents and asked to import. Which did nothing.

So I removed a docx file out of all the folders and just dropped it into the Mac Documents section.


And worked!?

I have SO many windows folders. Each one is named after the title of the story. Some of those folders have sub-folders also.

Am I going to have too remove all the files this way? One at a time? Into the Mac Documents area? If so, is there a faster way to do this? If not, am I missing something?

Still any word on .wps?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for buying Scrivener. Before going any further, I really recommend you go through a tutorial on how to use Scrivener. The problems you are having arise from not understanding how Scrivener projects work, which if you haven’t been through any tutorials is understandable seeing as you have not only changed software products but platforms at the same time.

Please go to the Help menu and choose “Interactive Tutorial”. This will open a Scrivener project that takes you through all the basics of using Scrivener while using it, and it covers importing and suchlike; once you’ve been through it you will feel much more confident moving forwards. We also have some great video tutorials available on this page:

To explain what is happening, though: in Scrivener you work with projects. A project can contain as many files as you want, and you can break down your work into chunks as small or large as you want. Thus, when you import your Word files, they get placed in the current project - the project window that is open on screen. You open documents within the project by clicking on them in the binder. (In any computer program, File > Open File… allows you only to open the native file formats of that program. Scrivener’s file format is “.scriv”, so you can only open .scriv files via that route.)

For a quick overview, I recommend you take a look at my ten-minute Scrivener introductory video: …

I show importing a Word file at around the 2m 30s mark - there you will see me importing a .doc file and opening it in the binder.

I hope this helps, and that you don’t interpret this as a fob-off “RTFM” reply - Scrivener is quite a different program to Word, and especially coming from a different operating system, I think you will find the introductory video very helpful, and all new users are strongly recommended to go through the interactive tutorial.

All the best,

Thank you for your help!

I did go through the tutorial. I spent an hour and half with it. :slight_smile:

Maybe I just didn’t connect 2 and 2 together. The importing section left me with the impression I could just import all my files and make them .sciv then open them individually when I wanted to work on them.

I was wrong!

Thank you for your help in this matter.