Importing docx


I recently bought Scrivener, and am using the beta 3.0 Windows version (Exp. 31/05/2020) to get the hang of it, because I will be updated to 3.0 automatically, so it’s not smart to use 2.0 (because I might as well get used to 3.0 straight away)
I am importing my files (Research folder) - and everything went great so far. Images are in.
Now I was trying to import a little docx file with blurbs. This gave a “fatal error.”
Can somebody help me out? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “blurbs”? Comments should come across; change tracking wont.

Try using Word to export it to RTF and import that. Does that help?


Edit: PS As you’re using RC5, this should have been posted in the Beta testing forum.