Importing Evernote Notes into Scrivener 3

I’ve discovered an option in the print dialogue box of Evernote that appears to allow sending an Evernote Note as a pdf directly to Scrivener (see attachment). From searching posts, I see I have to have the Scrivener project opened and the Research folder selected in the binder when I do this.
But nothing appears to happen.
I’ve raised this with Evernote, and they referred me back to Scrivener.
It would be a great feature if this worked.
Any suggestions?

You might need to recreate the alias that is used to generate that command system-wide. Although the instructions are aimed at MAS users (which isn’t allowed to install this automatically), they would also serve as instructions for rebuilding a broken alias. They are located in §3.2.3, Installing Extras, pg. 16 – 7.