Importing Excel documents


I am a novice Scrivener user, and as my first step I am trying to put all my files relating to my project into my new Scrivener project, so that everything is in the same place.

All is well with my Word documents, but I have a couple of Excel files (e.g. a list of characters and their details) and Scrivener will not accept these.

Am I missing something, or is there a work-around you can suggest?

Many thanks from Susievintage

Welcome to Scrivener! Excel files with an ‘xls’ suffix cannot be imported directly into Scrivener. If you save them as tab-delimited text files (.txt), you can drag or import them successfully into your project. You can edit the entries within Scrivener, but the columns will not align. If you don’t wish to edit your imported spreadsheets, you can save them as pdf files in the Print dialogue.

If you want to be able to edit your imports and keep a readable table format too, you must do a little more work: 1) Export each spreadsheet as a tab delimited text file. 2) Create an empty table in a good word processor. (I use Nisus Writer Pro; don’t bother with the Apple-supplied table editor available in Scrivener’s Text Menu; that editor is essentially unusable.) 3) Copy and paste the text file into the table, and fix it up. Leave extra rows for additions. 4) Save the result as an ‘rtf’ file. 5) import or copy it into a Scrivener entry.

Finally, you can link to your spreadsheets but not import them into Scrivener. Open the inspector; at the bottom you will see an icon that looks like a dark hanging ribbon (between notepad and key icons). That opens the document reference window. Click on the + and you can look up and add a spreadsheet as a reference.

Good luck!

If it’s only for reading purpose you can also print the xls files to pdf and keep those on Scrivener. (I do that often.)