Importing Excel

Does anyone know if there is a way to import an excel spreadsheet into my binder? I figure if I can do video, pdf, etc. shouldn’t I be able to import an excel sheet?

Thanks! :smiley:

Video is entirely different from a spreadsheet, so that really doesn’t follow. For one, video gets to piggyback in using OS X’s built-in methods (called QuickTime) for allowing any application to display media like movies, audio recordings, and images. Spreadsheets, on the other hand, are different in every single application that makes them and there are no good global tools like QuickTime for doing that. Excel spreadsheets are probably the worst of the lot as they are loaded with Microsoft levels of complexity and intentional misdirection (they don’t want other software using their files; they only want to sell more copies of Office).

Depending on your spreadsheet, you might be able to export it as an HTML table if Excel allows that, and then import it as a web page into Scrivener. That’s just a wild guess on my part as I don’t have Excel and have never messed with spreadsheet importing.

Print as pdf works for me. Then import it. Crude but functional. You can’t change any values but by the time I want it in a draft, it is pretty much reduced to a data table or graph anyway.


Great! Thanks…

If you did want to edit it, couldn’t you export it as tab delimited text and import that? Or if you really needed to, in something like Nisus or equivalent do a and then import that document.