Importing existing work

I expect most tips come from old hands, whereas I am a complete newcomer to Scrivener (<24 hours), using the Windows version. I love it already!

To get started, most of the program is self-explanatory. A run through the Quick Start tutorial, plus a couple of searches in the pdf manual, got me up and running. However, there were three points that slowed me down, two straightforward, the third less so.

I imported a Word document of my partial manuscript, using the nonfiction template provided. Had I realised how Scrivener would import the footnotes, I would have saved from Word to rtf and imported that, and thus preserved the footnotes.

Secondly, I would have saved myself time when I came to breaking up the existing long document into chapters/chapter segments, if I had noticed the ‘Split with selection as title’ option under Documents. Simple and powerful for converting existing work into a Scrivener project.

I should have picked those two up from the tutorial, but the third question was more obscure. I have another project that only exists as a Word outline and a mind map. I searched for a way to convert this easily into a structured Scrivener project, but it did not present itself immediately. Google helped, and took me to … r-outline/, where I learned about the OPML format, with which I was unfamiliar. So, export the mind map as OPML (from Xmind, my preferred mindmapping software, less expensive than Mindmanager), drag the OPML into the Scrivener binder - done. Brilliant! There are more detailed import options for this in the (Windows version) manual at 10.1.3.

By searching these forums for OPML I found that this has already been covered elsewhere, but newbies like me might find it more easily here, especially if they’ve never heard of OPML.

Hope it helps!