importing/exporting by dragging icons has stopped working

I think this is a Yosemite issue but I’m curious what Scrivener users in particular can do about it, if anything.

Until recently, it was a simple thing for me to take a doc from one Scrivener project and put it in another, or into a Scapple file, or into my email app, etc. I just selected the icon and dragged, did a command-tab to get into the other app, and then I dropped it at its destination window.

Now, after I move the icon and switch apps, the tiny image of the icon simply freezes, and nothing more happens. I can still do other things on the computer, but this procedure is frozen. Restart has no effect. Relaunching Finder has no effect. The image just sits on the screen as I work on, a ghost of functionality lost.

Anyone have any ideas how to free Scrivener and Scapple from this problem?

I’m on a 2014 Macbook Pro, OS 10.10.3


That does sound like a system issue. Once you drag something there is very little host program code involved in the equation, especially the “ghost” that tracks your pointer around. It’s really almost more like an interactive copy and paste, though how the target application interprets this special “pasteboard” can make it act like other things—such as moving a file from one folder to another in Finder, launching it in the target application, etc.

You mention using a laptop, is this using the trackpad or an external mouse? Do you use an enhancement utility such as BetterTouchTool. Those are some things to try with and without if you can. You could also try creating a temporary blank Mac account and try the same thing with (mostly) factory settings for both the Mac and Scrivener. If it still happens there, then what you’re facing is likely a much deeper problem with the OS.

Thanks, I’ll try that. Curious whether anyone else has encountered this. On Apple user forums, there have been some mentions of problems since the last update of Yosemite.