Importing external documents as snapshots?

OK, so here’s my situation: I have an old version of my current WIP, which was written in MS Word. It is currently sitting in the project’s research folder, divided into five separate pieces. They correspond roughly to the first five chapters of my current Scrivener draft.

I would like to know if it is possible to somehow copy the contents of these five chunks into snapshots, each of them associated with existing files in my draft folder. The idea is that this would enable me to use scrivener’s ‘compare’ feature, to highlight the differences between those old Word documents, and the newer Scrivener draft.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this before?


You can copy and paste the text in like this:

  1. Take a snapshot of the text in the project as-is.

  2. Copy and paste the text from your Word documents over the text in Scrivener.

At this point, you have the old text in the text area and the newer text as a snapshot, so you can compare it but it is the opposite of what you want. So now you just need to:

  1. Take a snapshot again, which will be of the older text in the editor.

  2. Select the snapshot you created in (1) and roll back to it.

  3. Delete the snapshot created in (1) if you want (although you may as well leave it around).

Now the older text is there as a snapshot.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

And remember you can title your snapshots as well, so you can give it something clearly identifying.

Yes, this helps, thank you!

In fact, it is so simple that I’m now almost embarrassed I even asked. But thanks anyway :wink:.