Importing .FDX file - italics disappear

When I imported my Final Draft 8 project file (.FDX), it came in as just plain text, and lost all the italics I’d put into the dialogue (half the dialogue is in Turkish (italics) and half English (non-italics)).

Is there any way to bring it in with formatting intact?

And when I output back to .fdx or .pdf will it lose the Italics again?

It would never normally be a problem, but it’s really important with this project!

Thanks in advance for your help

And just to reiterate on the export point, my tests indicate that retaining italicised ranges when compiling to FDX and opening in Final Draft are good. You should be able to work outward, in this fashion. The trick is getting your existing material in for now!


I can’t reproduce this - italics come in fine for me. Could you please provide an FDX file that exhibits this problem?