Importing FDX into Scrivener -Right Margin difference occurs


I found another post that helped me with my initial question: how to import an FDX and have Scrivener adopt the margin and Script element rules from that FDX (quoted below):
ttp:// … dx#p128976

Works great.

However, for some reason the right margins look shorter in Scrivener than in the original FDX document.
Dialogue lines that just took up one line in Final Draft, for example, now require 2 lines in Scrivener.

I’m using the exact same font.

What do you think could be the problem? Is there some global setting that makes a difference between the span of a Scrivener page versus a Final Draft page?

I went into the Script Writing > Script Settings and increased the RIGHT MARGIN for the Dialogue element. But no matter how much I increase the inches there, my spacing doesn’t change. Weird.

Appreciate any help.

The first thing to remember is that things won’t look exactly the same in Scrivener, because Final Draft and Scrivener use different text rendering engines. So you might find that one word wraps in one program but not in the other. This sort of thing is normal. If you’re finding things completely different, though, try checking the left margin. Scrivener normally shaves an inch off the left margin of FDX files (adding it back on for export), so that the inch margins in Scrivener’s editor or for other export formats are taken into account. But I wonder if that extra inch is still there in your format. In general, if an element has 1.5" margins in Final Draft, it’s a good idea to give it 0.5" margins in Scrivener, to allow for the page margin that is not part of the ruler.

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