Importing file created on Scrivener for iOS into a pre-exiting project on in Scrivener for Mac

Hi. I am working on my dissertation and am hesitant to sync such an important project between my Mac and iOS devices. Presently I created a project called Drafts at Work, wherein I will create a draft file of something for my dissertation. What I would like to do is now import the file into my Dissertation on my Mac. Is this possible? How?

So, you don’t have your project syncing to dropbox from your iOS device? Please take the precaution of getting a copy of your project exported to someplace besides your ios device, and add other copies as you work; the iOS version of Scrivener doesn’t have an automatic data backup system, and even if it did, without syncing to dropbox, there’s nothing to get a copy of that data to another device in case yours dies or is stolen.

You can export a single file by selecting it from the binder, then once the text of that file is displayed in the editor, tap on the box with an arrow coming out of it. You can then send a copy of the file via email or other service.