Importing file with paragraphs into separate notes

In the Windows version I see you can import files but it does not appear there is a way to parse the file into separate documents within Scrivener. I have a really large Word document and would like to have each paragraph automatically loaded into a separate Scrivener index card. Is this possible?

Not yet; there will be a way to do that in the future. Are there a lot of paragraphs? For now you could just split them all off with the keyboard shortcuts. To optimise this workflow, I’d suggest the following sequence:

  1. Ctrl-DownArrow (to jump to the beginning of the next paragraph)
  2. Ctrl-Shift-RightArrow (to select the first word)
  3. Ctrl-Shift-K (`Documents/Split/with Selection as Title)
  4. Ctrl-DownArrow (and repeat)

This saves you the step of having to name each paragraph in the binder, since you are using a selection and a keyboard shortcut to name it automatically. You’ll probably want to name all of these more appropriately later on.

Thank you for the details on how to do this manually. It’s a 460 page book with an average of 6 paragraphs per page, so there are LOTS of paragraphs. I’ve been searching for a notes based tool that can pull these all in, separate them into individual notes, allow me to tag them, and then provide some organizational capabilities. This seems to me like it would be very basic functionality for a notes tool since most people transitioning to this type of software would already have their notes in a simple text document. Evernote comes close but the import capabilities are limited and it’s not setup for writers like Scrivener.

Yeah, that’s a bit much to do by hand. There’s bound to be a macro or script out there that spits out files for lines in a file. You might have to drop to plain text though to utilise most of them.

Yeah, and like I say we’ll have a tool available for import & split; it’s just not there yet.