Importing files made with all kinds of applications

In Devonthink, it is possible to import into a database files made with all kinds of applications, which then from within the DT database can be opened into their own application.

This is definitely very convenient, for it makes it possible to keep in one place files of very different origin. Would this be an idea for Scrivener 2.0?

Hi Timotheus, this is already coded into 2.0 in fact. The only thing Scrivener won’t be able to do is provide a preview of such files in the editor as DT does; unfortunately Apple did not make the QuickLook API public even in Snow Leopard, and whilst the DT guys have hacked into it, it can’t be hacked for use in Scrivener because it can only be used in one view at a time (not a problem for DT, which only ever has one editor visible in a window at a time, but something that would break Scrivener). So this is definitely part of 2.0, it just won’t be quite as cool as in DevonThink.

Of course, I still wouldn’t recommend using Scrivener as a database program - it will certainly never be a DT replacement or competitor. But it should be useful for projects in which you want to store various file types.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith, for your quick answer! It’s fantastic to know that in Scrivener 2.0 it will be possible to keep various file types within one and the same Scrivener project. And personally, I don’t care that it won’t be possible to view them in the internal editor, because it will be very easy to open them in an external editor; and that’s perfect enough!

And yes, I know, we all know that Scrivener is not intended to be a real database program of the DT type, and therefore should not be treated or considered as such. Yet I have Scrivener projects counting many hundreds of small files consisting of brief annotations: annotations of the kind that in the days of old were written on system cards. And I have no doubt there are many other ‘Scriveners’ who do exactly the same.

That’s why sometimes I wonder whether it would be worthwile to consider building into Scrivener certain features one finds in applications like FileMaker or iData: for instance (and perhaps in the first place) the possibility to create documents with predefined fields.

I remember that some years ago you played with the idea to write a notecard application. Wouldn’t it be an idea to incorporate something of this kind in a future version of Scrivener (not necessarily in 2.0)?