Importing files messes with apostrophes and quotation marks

I’ve imported text from OO 3.2.1 to an existing Scrivener project in two different ways; both produced the same mistake.

apostrophes are replaced by f (so that I get Ifm, donft, wasnft, etc)
quotation marks are replaced by g and h (gWhat an I say?h he asked.)

The first time this happened I put some text into a Scrivener file by copying and pasting from a .doc file.

The second thime this happened I converted my .doc file into .rtf (Scrivener won’t let me import .doc files) and then imported it via Ctrl+Shift+J.

The reason why I’m importing/copy&pasting is that I haven’t worked out yet how to import documents with annotations and comments.

I should also mention that I didn’t have this problem with the previous version of Scrivener (I’m working with the latest beta version on Windows 7).