Importing Footnoted Document

I’m about halfway through writing a dissertation and have decided to make the full switch to Scrivener after too many writing sessions that consisted less of writing than of cumbersome copy and pasting and scouring the document for the section into which I want to integrate my new writing. Is there anyway to import a word document with lots of footnotes and keep those footnotes in Scrivener? All these footnotes were entered manually rather than with bibliography software, if that matters.

In Microsoft Word, use Save As to create an RTF version of your document. Then import this RTF file to Scrivener, when you should find your footnotes intact. The text to which the footnote is attached will appear in grey bubbles in your text (click on this to display the footnote text in the inspector area), so you will be able to split your document without disturbing the footnotes.

Good luck with moving your dissertation into Scrivener!

And if you don’t like inline footnotes, you can convert them to inspector footnotes with just a few clicks.

Actually, I just amended my post because although I thought I remembered doing this and getting inline annotations, I decided to check – and the import created linked footnotes in the inspector instead. But, as Martin says, it is very easy to change from inline to inspector or vice versa – just use Format > Convert and choose “Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes” or “Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes” as required.

The Import/Export preferences determine whether inline or inspector footnotes are created (the default is inspector footnotes).

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Awesome, thanks very much all!